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What is
content marketing?

Anyone who wants to do marketing today is struggling with a problem:
customers’ attention has been exhausted, and classic advertising is hardly noticed anymore.

Content marketing is the alternative, and the recipe for it sounds simple:
content marketing delivers content that is interesting, entertaining, or helpful to a specific audience. It does not necessarily contain a call to action and is not directly related to sales activities. They pique the customer’s interest and thus bring them into contact with the product.

Let’s take an example:
Laser marking is a long-established technology. It’s really all about price.

Now, how can you get potential customers
interested in the technical details of a marking system?
The answer is: Use a good story. For this purpose, THOSS Media founder Andreas Thoß was allowed to accompany a marking expert on the Berlin Marathon 2021. Klaus Huber is the man there who marks thousands of medals in the shortest possible time with the results of the respective finisher (that’s everyone who made it). The story with pictures by Matthias Baumbach was created for Coherent, the largest laser company in the world.

These are stories that inspire. This is content marketing.
THOSS Media produces stories like this one every day.
Contact us to find out how we can create your story.

Sample Content Marketing of recent years
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