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Andreas Thoss,
Managing Director

Andreas Thoss worked with the international publishing house John Wiley & Sons
until 2010. There, he gathered comprehensive experience as Publisher, Editor and Commissioning Editor in the areas of book, journal and online publishing.
Since its foundation in 2010 he manages THOSS Media.

Before joining Wiley, Andreas worked three years in the development of medical
laser systems. He later completed a PhD in physics at the Max-Born-Institute Berlin.
His research there was focused on ultra-short and ultra-intense laser pulses.

Andreas Thoß,
as Journalist

Dr. Andreas Thoß writes regularly for various German and international trade magazines.
Often clients appear as co-authors, sometimes only the clients. Real ghost writing is
actually a rare case, rather there are agreements with the editors in the background.
Since 2016, Dr. Andreas Thoß has been Contributing Editor, Germany, for the American trade magazine Laser Focus World. Through this role and a number of custom projects,
a record 24 articles were published in LFW in 2021.
Dr. Thoß is not bound to one magazine, however, as the following list illustrates.
The list shows only examples, the complete publication list is considerably longer.

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